Fertility Awareness Method

It seems that whenever people hear about what I do, the first question is always "really?"

Yes. Really. I really DO help women to become pregnant, sometimes after years of infertility. Sometimes after unsuccessful in vitro attempts. Sometimes after fertility doctors have told them that they will never become pregnant on "their own."

This is almost always followed by the question, "how?"

How does a woman who has been told there is no hope for her...because of endometriosis, PCOS, annovulatory cycles, unexplained infertility, etc...suddenly become pregnant?

Well, the truth is that I have quite a few "tricks" up my sleeve. And nearly all of them rely on my ability to listen to the woman/couple to get a very clear picture of her specific case. Unfortunately, there is not one "cure all" available to every woman. While some chat forums will tell women that taking a certain herb or other leads to a pregnancy, the fact of the matter is that herbs are much more complicated than that. Each herb has a specific action. And those actions are impacted by the actions of other herbs, medications, and other lifestyle habits and traits. An herbal regimine must be matched precicely to each indiviual woman for her specific situation.

But there is something that every woman can do that will most certainly set them on the road to success and that is Fertility Awareness Method (FAM).

This is the biggest diagnostic tool we have to assess the situation of any particular woman, at any given moment in her cycle (how ever long or short those cycles may be).

I discuss FAM with all of my clients and have worked with ladies at all levels of proficiency (including no proficiency whatsoever) in the method with astounding success. Many women have resolved their own fertility issues by using and improving their understanding of this method alone.

I have provided a link to the book that is the "Bible" of FAM and highly encourage you to begin Taking Charge of Your Fertility, today.

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