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Wise Woman Fertility is about the ancient tradition of women healing women. In the times of our ancestors, our Mothers knew the secrets to heal their families and their communities. From taking care of childhood illnesses to healing the ailments of their elders, women were always sought after for their wisdom and intuition. But women were never so much needed as they were regarding issues unique to women, namely fertility, pregnancy and childbirth. It was here that village "wise women" would travel on foot or by carriage, in all conditions and all seasons, to assist other women in their times of need. Slowly, as our world became smaller, women grew further apart. Lost were many of the great traditions of our ancestors. But not all.

J. Rivkah Asoulin has been gathering fragments of these traditions and piecing them together to help women and couples overcome their fertility struggles and other women's health related issues. By using such time-honored practices as Fertility Awareness Method (FAM), EFT, Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Nutrition and Intuition, J. Rivkah has enjoyed tremendous success rates with her clients. But most importantly, J. Rivkah enjoys passing along the traditions of the Wise Women to the future generation of Wise Women, one woman at a time.


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