Menstrual Cup Journal: Day 6

Day 6
Well ladies, let's grab a cup of tea and have a chat shall we? :)

It seems that my menstrual cup journaling has come to an end. From here on out, I'll need to be checking for spotting the old fashioned way, with my old, trusty cloth panty liners.

But I do want to bring you up to speed with how everything panned out.

First of all the cramps were a non-issue after I reinserted. I have no idea why I had them, but it's important to note that they were the only ones I had this entire period. Maybe that's why they stood out so much. Now that is exciting!

Of course, the money the menstrual cup saves you is pretty exciting, too!

Image by Meluna
Today, I tried out the small Meluna cup with the "ball" bottom. The ball bottom is nice and easy to grab on to but Holy Goodness...If that teeny, tiny Meluna didn't get up really high. It took some time to retrieve it. Definitely not going to use that one again. On the upside, there was only one drop of flow in the cup after a full day of wearing, due to my religious requirements, my cup-using time has officially ended, at least for this month.

But here's what I've learned; There is a learning curve with menstrual cups. The softer the cup, the more difficult they are to open but, generally speaking, you feel/notice them less and they more readily conform to the contours of your body.

The firmer menstrual cups open like a breeze and come out easily but because they conform less to your vaginal curves, they might be difficult to position or even begin to fall or slide out at times. This did happen to me once, during a bowel movement, with the "classic" cup (but was not a problem with the "soft" cup).

Success with a menstrual cup relies on your personal preferences, vaginal shape and length. If you have a longer vagina, you would best opt for a larger/longer cup. This also applies to those with a heavy menstrual flow (I've discussed this in a previous journal post). Women with a shorter vagina would do well with a shorter cup. And of course, a woman with a normal to light flow would do just fine with a smaller cup. I personally didn't see the benefit in the small size Meluna. I can only assume that this was created to replace the panty liner that some women use daily. Perhaps it could be used with FAM, but I think it is a bit much. Also, I don't believe it is healthy to wear something internally every day of the month, so I would recommend against that.

Though I obviously required a large capacity cup, I believe that the medium size Meluna is probably sufficient for an average flow, if changed frequently enough during the heaviest days.

I really liked having something additional to grab onto with the Meluna, and though they offer a Meluna without any sort of added bottom (picture here), I would recommend that a newcomer to menstrual cup use go ahead and buy one with the addition.

The long stem gave the most added length to the cup. The benefit is that it could be trimmed to the proper size, or taken off easily and completely if you find that you don't like it. But the Meluna ring bottom, though not as lengthy as the stem, was the easiest to grab onto. For those that know for certain that they do not like a stem or any sort of protrusion, I would still recommend getting the ball bottom. It doesn't add much in the way of length, but it definately makes removal a breeze, compared to not having anything at all.

The great thing about Meluna, compared to the other cups on the market, is that they have the absolute most variety in shape, size, color and style. For those that want a custom made cup, you practically have the option to do that at Meluna. I would love to have something to compare it to, because I am certain that the benefits of other cups made in other materials are equally as noteworthy.

Cyan Colored Menstrual Cup
Image by Meluna
As far as the colors go, as I said in the first post of the menstruation journal, I'm partial to the glitter but also loved the blue/cyan. The truth is that all of the colors were bright, vibrant and fun. For some, this might brighten up your period. :)

Lastly, I still recommend some cloth pads to use as back up or for those days when you would like to take a break from using your menstrual cup. I've seen cloth pads referred to as the "jelly" to the menstrual cup's "peanut butter," for this very reason.

Writing about something as personal as your "first time" using a menstrual cup is quite an interesting experience. I couldn't have done it without your support and positive feedback. Knowing that I was able to help others by sharing my experiences and research has been very rewarding, so I'd like to thank you for reading and contributing your thoughs and suggestions both on the facebook page and the blogs. I hope that this journal encouraged you to try a menstrual cup, too. After all, if I can write about it for the whole internet to see, then certainly you can try it quietly, in the privacy of your own home. :)

And now...

It's time to get a chance to try the Meluna Menstrual Cup for free!

The good folk over at Meluna have generously and kindly donated 5 of their soft, medium, glittery, ring bottom cups for Wise Woman Fertility to give away to our readers!

Image by Meluna

You will get the cup pictured above and a special Meluna storage bag with a Meluna instruction brochure. Wise Woman Fertility would like to, again, thank Meluna for generously donating these and six menstrual cups for personal testing and to use as demonstrations in Wise Woman Fertility programs.

But wait! That's not all!!! Some of our lucky winners will also receive the "jelly;" absolutely fabulous and lush organic, cotton cloth pads made in Israel by Cottna! I love these locally made cloth pads! 
Image by Cottna
Four winners will be chosen in Israel and one will be chosen worldwide.

Here is what you need to do to win:

  1. First of all, this giveaway is only open to Wise Woman Fertility readers. If you are not a reader already, follow us here on the blogspot and "like" us on facebook.
  2. Then, share this link. It doesn't matter where. It can be on your facebook, twitter, blog, my space or even as a mass email. Remember that there are more chances to win if you reside in Israel (for this giveaway), so let's help to get the word out to the locals!
  3. Like our sponsors on facebook: Meluna and Cottna.
  4. Finally, leave a comment on this page: Let me know that you follow us both on the blog and on facebook and where you've shared the link. Mention that you've "liked" Meluna and Cottna on facebook. Don't forget to say either "Israel" or "Worldwide" so that I can enter you in the proper catagory.

A winner will be chosen at random using NOTE: The Date of the Contest's End Has Been Changed: Contest will close on the 3rd of May, 2011.

The Winners have been chosen! Head on over to our Facebook page to see if you've won. Congratulations to all the winners.


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Leave a comment on this page: Let me know that you follow us both on the blog and on facebook and where you've shared the link. Mention that you've "liked" Meluna and Cottna on facebook. Please enter me in "Worldwide" so that I can enter you in the proper catagory.

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I'm currently a Keeper user, but it sounds like the softer cups might be better for me. Thanks for the great review!

Rahel said...

Did it all. Ready for my brand-new cup and pads!

I'm so glad I went reusable a decade ago. I haven't looked back since! (My post about it is here: Bucking the Trend.)

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Medicine Woman said...

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Medicine Woman said...

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Susan said...

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i have 4 daughters so hopefully they will be interested as well

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting your journal. I am 51 and entering menopause. I just bought a classic MeLuna cup in size medium. I tried a Diva Cup a couple of years ago and had a bad experience with inserting/removing it, so I bought the MeLuna with a ring stem so I can attach a string to it while I am learning to use it. I just received my cup and haven't had a cycle yet, but I have been practicing with it so that I am comfortable with it when it is time to actually use it. Again, thank you for posting your journal---I have read through the pages a couple of times and get more information each time.