B"H Wise Woman Fertility has been very busy with clients and her own "maternity leave" but has not forgotten about all of YOU! In celebration of our first "satisfied customer" (read: PREGNANCY!!!) this Jewish New Year, we would like to announce a "flash" giveaway. This is only open to our Israeli readers.
And now a word from our sponsors:

"http://pregnancytestsisrael.com/ offers a great price on pregnancy and ovulation tests, including free shipping by Doar 24 service. Buy 5 pregnancy tests for 30nis or 10 tests for 50nis. Pay online and receive your tests in a discreet white envelope in your mailbox. Why pay so much and shlep out to the drugstore when you can buy online and save? Visit http://pregnancytestsisrael.com/ today!"
The first 10 respondents by erev Sukkot will get a free "Special Pack" (five pregnancy tests).

Make sure to provide a way for me to contact you for your mailing details!

Good Luck and Chag Sameach!

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